GAP - Plight of African refugees

Global Alliance for Peace, GAP the acronym, is a non-governmental non-political and a non-profit institution. It came to birth from a personal experience of the founder, who, is a refugee himself, and a passionate social worker. Having volunteered with several charity organizations, he felt the plight of refugees and began an endeavor to mitigate the situation.

We run several programs  in Australia and across some African countries( will provide details accordingly)

Our Dream

Our most cherished dream is to see the closure of all refugee camps around Africa after successful processes of resettlement and repatriation. We dream of a peaceful Africa where every African is happy and content in their own country. And as long as dreams are valid, we shall hold on to our dream.

Poverty is basically a state of living where a person possess few or no material things, or has very little income. Poverty is a violation to human rights and ought to be eradicated at all costs.


  1. To provide the means to empower Women towards self-sufficiency in Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.
  2. To support education programs in the Great Lakes region of Africa and East African Region as well. 
  3. To help refugees resettled in Australia to find affordable accommodation. To promote peace and Development in the Great Lakes region of Africa. 
  4. To develop African-Australian community networks to assist in creating sustainable communities for Africans affected by war.
  5. Business training for refugees to empower them towards economic self-sufficiency.

Long term objectives

-Partnership with existing resettlement services such as IOM for resettlement of refugees to Australia.

-Voluntary refugee repatriation to their home countries once peace has stabilized.


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Helping villagers in the East of D.R.Congo

Helping refugees in Kenya

Food relief to internally displaced people in Congo

Partnership with Twins for Twins Australia

Supporting Women with practical education

Food relief to internally displaced people in Congo

Food relief to refugees

Supporting Children for better education

Supporting Families

Support to Women

Supporting Teachers

Supporting Refugees